Maintenance Plus Detail

Great Maintenance Package

Cars Start @ $249.99


Thorough Wash and Dry

Hand washed using only premium soap and extra soft, premium wash mitt then dried with 100% synthetic chamois.


Bug and Light Tar Removal

Clean all affected areas of the vehicle using a safe, all-purpose cleaner.


Wheels, Wheel Wells and Tires

Wheels faces are deep cleaned using a top of the line wheel cleaner specialized for your vehicle. Wheel wells and tires are cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and wiped spotless.


**Ultra Fine Clay Pad

This process removes 'light' contaminates, leaving your car's clear coat with a smooth feel.


Hand Apply Wax

We hand apply a high gloss wax to give your car a nice deep luster!!


Tires Dressed

Premium tire dressing


Vacuum and Compressed Air

Use compressed air to remove dust from dash & between the seats.  Thorough vacuum of all carpeting inlcuding trunk area.


Steam Clean Interior Panels

Steam clean dash, door panels, center console, glove box & door jams with a Ph balnced cleaner

Shampoo/ Steam Clean & Extract Floor Mats
Clean All Windows and Mirrors

Clean all glass areas with a streak free finish.



SATURDAYS On occasions 


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All prices are subject to change after inspection of vehicle.  These prices are based off of regularly maintained vehicles.  If your vehicle has not been maintained properly there will be a surcharge anywhere from $10 to over $100.