This Detail Is Recommended 1-2 Times Per Year


6-8 Hour Detail

Prices Start @ $399.99


Thorough Wash and Dry

Hand washed using only premium soap and an extra soft, premium wash mitt then dried with 100% synthetic chamois.


Bug, Tar and Mild Sap Removal

Clean all affected areas of the vehicle using a safe, all-purpose cleaner.


Wheels, Wheel Wells, Tires, and All Jams Cleaned

Wheels are deep cleaned in and out using a top of the line wheel cleaner specialized for your vehicle. Wheel wells, tires and all jams are cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and wiped spotless.


Door Seals Protected and Dressed

Exterior seals are conditioned to prevent drying and cracking.


**Ultra Fine Clay Pad

This process removes 'light' contaminates, leaving your car's clear coat with a smooth feel.

Ceramic Sealant

We apply a high gloss polish/ sealant for months of protection and gloss.  This will leave your car extremely slick and looking great!!

** If you are looking to remove swirl marks, oxidation etc. you will want to look into our Signature Signature Detail which includes Machine Polishing 

Add a One Stage Machine Polish

Awesome gloss enhancement & light haze removal.   Leaves the paint with a high HIGH GLOSS SHINE!!  Starts @ $125  

Chrome polishing starts @$39.99 for 4 wheels and front grill

Add a 1 Stage Polish & 1 Year Coating for $$249 Extra



Complete Interior Vacuum

Floors, seats, under seats, trunk, all cracks and crevices thoroughly vacuumed.


Shampoo and Steam Clean

All carpets & floor mats are shampooed and steam cleaned to remove ground-in dirt and stains.  (Heavily stained/ not regularly cleaned seats & carpeting will be charged extra)

** Add 39.99+ for Fabric seat shampooing  



140-165 PSI of Steam

Steam ensures every crack and crevices is thoroughly cleaned.


Deep Clean and Condition All Leather

All dirt and debris is removed from leather using a safe pH neutral cleaner & steam.  Next, we apply a premium leather conditioner to restore natural oils in the leather.


Clean All Surfaces 

Clean all hard surfaces including Cup holders, Gauges, All knobs, switches & dials, Vents & louvers, Steering column, Consoles, Glove box & compartment interiors, Seat tracks, and center console with a pH neutral all-purpose cleaner & steam that both cleans and disinfects surfaces.


Navigation & video screens delicately wiped to provide streak free clarity


Clean All Windows and Mirrors

Clean all glass areas with a streak free finish.

Vehicles with excessive dirt will cost more.