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 From Angie's List


I just joined this site and I thought I had to post this guy up here first before anyone else! I have a 2005 Dodge Charger and I have 2 kids. I have had 3 different mobile detailers come to my home for the past 3 years. They have done a so, so job but never produced results that Tom from Shine Time produced. First when he pulled up he inspected the car and told me what he thought he was going to be able to do and what area's he believed, in his words, "Too far Gone". The interior where the kids sit had some bad stains etc. Anyways he started working and he used some pretty cool looking tools I have never seen before. My daughter wanted to learn how to clean cars so he actually took the time to show her how to do some small stuff which I thought was very nice of him. I guess the one tool that really set him off from the other 3 guys was the steam cleaner he used. This thing really got the job done right. One of the other guys used a steam cleaner but didn't produce the results Tom did. I couldn't believe how my interior looked! The seats looked almost brand new and he even stopped half way to show me a 50/50 of the seat (half clean half dirty and I was amazed!) I wont lie there were still a 2 stains on the rear seats but other than that, all the stains came right out! Even some of the area's he thought were "too far gone" he actually got cleaned. Another cool thing with the interior was he used steam on the glass and there were absolutely no streaks on the windows. He thoroughly cleaned the exterior and got all the bugs and tar off the front bumper and behind the front tires. He followed it up with a paint sealant. I had never heard of this but he said it was similar to a wax but it last 2 times as long as a wax. This came free with the detail. The paint look great when he was all done! All and all I was very pleased with the results. It took him almost 4.5 hours to complete the job. Tom also did a head light clean up for my neighbor. My neighbor had dingy dirty lights and to got them to look brand new for like $60! My neighbor told me later that he had looked into buy new lights for his truck and they where like $350!! He couldn't have been happier! I'll be honest the other guys were cheaper but they didn't do the job Tom did. I have already referred him to 3 family members and friends already. If there is something more you would like to know about what he did for me that maybe I didn't include feel free to ask. I know he can do more to the paint to make it look better I just didn't want it done to my car at the time. Maybe when I go to sell it I will have him polish it to make the paint look bran new again. Also he did charge $25 extra because he had to spend more time on the interior than normal, which I was ok with.-

-Thomas C.



Angie's List


I have used this company several times in the past and have been so impressed that I decided to come on here and share my experience with others. I have not had a bad experience before with Shine Time so I will just write about this most recent visit. First of all, I have to say, that I love that somebody will come to me to perform a service as opposed to me having to drive somewhere else and wait on their time. The guy that came out to my house cleaned the inside and outside, which took about 2 hours. He started with the interior and used a steam cleaner. I have two very small boys and even though I do not allow eating in the car, sometimes that rule is broken and the interior gets quite dirty as a result. Our technician came out and was able to clean ALL the crumbs, dirt, dust, etc. and even got out a 5 year old stain on the front passenger seat from a banana peel! I was quite impressed with that part. I was also impressed with whatever he used to clean the windows, especially the windshield. As soon as I drove my car the clarity of the glass was unbelievable and one of the first things I noticed while driving. It was like getting a new pair of glasses! I've never been able to get my windows that clean before- ever! After the inside, he cleaned the exterior, again using a steam cleaner. It's very frustrating when I get expensive car washes at a car wash facility only to have it come out still dirty on the outside. The dirt and grime was completely off when he was finished. I clean my car regularly myself, but after Tom was finished it looked like it had just been driven off a car dealer's lot! I loved that all of the cleaning was done in my garage with no runoff of water and dirt. Amazing! Overall, I have been very happy with this company's services and would highly recommend them to anyone else looking to get their car cleaned by a professional, friendly, and honest team.--

Angie V.



Angie's List


Called approximately 3/12 to inform company of coupon buying. Was told would call when time was available and weather was good. Waited 2 weeks for appointment. Arrived promptly, serviced both vehicles, and completed his job in a businesslike way. Both cars looked much better. Pleasant young man.-

Kathryn B



Hi Tom, The car is awesome! My Dad was in the car all weekend and never said anything about smoking. He commented on how clean is was and how well I took care of it. You did an awesome job! Thank you!

Liz B.



Google Reviews


5 Stars


Hello I have been using Tom for two years now and I couldn't be any more happy with the type of work they offer and the quality of work he has done for me. Ive used up to 4 other company's and by far ive had the best experience with Tom. Give them a try and you wont be disappointed. Also i found him on Angies list. Thank you for the great work!


5 Stars


I recently had the pleasure of working With Tom from Shine Time, and I cannot give enough praise for his work. Not only did Tom give my car an amazing clean and shine, but he went above and beyond to provide great service. I assure you that you will not be disappointed by Tom and his Amazing work.


5 Stars



Very pleased with Tom! We use to have a company that came out every other week to clean cars at my work. A few weeks ago I left my sunroof open. I tried to call the company that regularly cleans but they don't work weekends. Tom came out the next day. He did a full interior detail....I couldn't believe how nice it looked when they finished! He got the car cleaner than the other company ever did. After that I talked to HR and now shine time cleans all our cars! Very personable and professional.


5 Stars



I recently used these guys. I moved here from California and a co-worker told me they had used shine time before with good results. Once I talked to the owner and he told me what they did and what products they used I booked my appointment. I dropped the car off at their shop and they called me right when he planned on being finished. I just got an exterior 2 step polish and the car looked incredible. I had the car coated with Cquartz finest and that stuff just rocks! The services were not cheap but the results were spectacular.






Figured it has been a while since anyone has posted about how good of a job Tom does. He came out on Monday and detailed my Mustang, claybar, polish and sealed it. Also did an exterior wash on my truck. While the Mustang was not dirty, I wanted to get it sealed and it looks even better. The thing that surprised me was how good the truck looked. Having the new cars, I don't think of my truck as a new vehicle any longer, but when Tom was finished with it I was reminded why I bought it. Truck looks awesome, thanks Tom. Now get out to the cruise so I can buy you some beer, after the cruise of course.


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'Shine Time' came out and did a detail on my car today. I'm no photographer so the car looks even better in person. it's the second car he's detailed for me and won't be the last. great job. thanks tom!'


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'Big thanks to 'tom' for coming out on short notice and getting the one of the DD's all cleaned up. Car is 2 years old and had not seen wax, other than the dealer detail before pickup and the occasional drive through car wash. The interior now looks like it did from the dealer and the exterior once again is smooth and has a shine to it. Thanks Tom!'


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'I just had my car detailed today by Tom. I HIGHLY recommend him for anyone who wants to get their car detailed. He spent over 4 hours in this windy cold weather today, took his time, and made it look great. Thanks Tom for the great job'


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'Big thanks to 'tom' he was out the other week to clean up the DD and get rid of the awful smell in there. The car looks great and he was able to find the source of the odor and eliminate it. It is so nice to be able to dive the car with the windows up again. Great work, very professional, would highly recommend!'


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'So my daily was absolutely in bad shape. I travel quite a bit so the exterior had not been cleaned in God know how long. Bird poop, bugs all over the front bumper, tar all over. You name it. The interior was also in really bad shape. There was dog hair, sand and it was just down right disgusting. Tom came to house on short notice and did my whole car. The interior looks like it is brand new. He conditioned my leather seats and the looks fantastic. My black carpet looks flawless. The exterior looks great too. He got ride of almost 2 years of tar build up and made my car actually shine again. So anyone looking to get their car detailed give Tom a call or pm. He does absolutely great work and has great prices. I have a few crappy cell phone pics. No before pictures but I assure you guys that it was just down right filthy.'


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Just wanted to pass on a public thanks to  (Tom) who came out yesterday and cleaned/detailed the Stang. I have never let it get as bad as I did when Tom came out to clean it. He did a great job and car looks great. Anyone needing a detail should give him a call


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I needed the seats and carpets cleaned in my truck before I try to sell it and looked on Craigslist for a company to do it when I came across Shine Time. I gave Tom a call and he got right out and did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I didn't get a chance to see his detailing skills, but my carpets and seats look awesome. He's a really cool guy and after talking to him I found out that he is on this board as well. If you guys need anything done then give him a call.


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