Mention you saw us on Google to take an additional 10% off our cash prices on our Rejuvenation package!!!

(Sedans come to $150)



When you look at our pricing, you will see that we are considerably lower than any other 'reputable' detail or mobile detailing shop in or around the St. Louis area.  I myself, found my prices to be up there with the best, well known shops in our area.  I started to look at how I was as an individual and I am always spending time on the internet doing my homework before I would purchase something to find the best deal.  I myself, love to get deals on anything that I buy.  I found usually when I got a great deal on something, something was compromised.  I thought to myself I need to run my own business the way I want other businesses to be run.  I want to serve people with awesome quality work at a very, super affordable price that everyone would like to pay. 


I have spent 5 years getting techniques down to a science to optimize work time.  I have spent 5 years trying all the local and international detail supply companies to find what products work best and what products do not.  I use to think that if the product didn't come from the large retail store that it was no good.  I've spent countless dollars on products that turned out to be junk.  I spend too much of my free time on detailing forums to find new tools and products out on the market today.  I don't hesitate to spend the money on new tools and equipment to be on top of the game.  I use products that detailers around the country use because they work and save me time which in turn saves YOU money.  If I can save time and money I will pass some of those saving on to you!!


I love what I do and I am sure to put quality work out.  I also work on every vehicle that comes through this shop.  I stand by my shop because my name is on the line and I want you to tell all your family & friends about us.  I invite you to try us out and experience what many other shops claim they are.  You will not be disappointed!!