Wheel Refinishing &

Powder Coating

When it comes to wheel repairs there are 2 types of ways to fix them.  The first way is the way most all mobile repair companies operate.  They will smooth the scratches out and then respray the wheel back to the factory color.  This is great for a quick fix but it will not always give the longest lasting finish.


The second way to refinish a wheel is to remove the wheel and dismount the tire.  We strip the wheel of the original finish and fix any scratches or imperfections on the wheel.  When going this route we will always make sure the wheel is not bent and straighten the wheel if needed to insure the wheel is true.  After all cosmetic issues are complete we then clean the wheel of all oils and grease.  We then match the paint to powder coat the wheel to the original color.  We can powder coat your wheels any color you may want.


We can repair your wheel either way you prefer but we will always recommend a full refinish over a mobile type repair. 

Full refinishes start @ $149.99-199.99 Cash, depending on original finish.  Factory Polished Aluminum wheels Start @ $249.99 Please allow at least 48 hours for normal repairs.

Full sets(4 wheels) or color changes start @ $599.99.  24+ wheels, super low profiles tires or oversized tires are subject to additional fees. 


Wheel removal & reinstallation starts @ $99.99 for most vehicles.  Higher end vehicles or lifted trucks with oversized wheels will be charged accordingly depending on the extra time needed.